Register your business with us and become part of a strong small business community with our

Clever Doris Plan


  • Dedicated business coach to help you throughout your business journey.
  • You'll have us register your business for you.
  • Access to our Business Registration Do It Yourself Step by Step application for you to register and develop additional businesses any time you need to.
  • A free business email.
  • Social Media Consult for your Business.
  • One social media channel set up plus 10 posts.
  • A step-by-step business plan application to get you started.
  • Additional business development tools on top of the Business Plan Application.
  • One on one Client Interview with our Business Coach.
  • A Business Presence Review from our consulting team.
  • 1 Grant Matching Service Request. We will match your business with legitimate grant services available to you.
  • Access to our knowledge hub with tools and resources to turn you into a confident new small business owner.
  • Access to Info Sessions and Exclusive Tutorials, and our Certificate Course.
  • You'll get access through the general and advanced mission requestor to our Survey Squad, a large pool of market research participants to get insights about your product or service plus one free focus group session.
  • One free survey request per month (up to 12 participants) through our general mission requestor.
  • Access to a full suite of micro business knowledge articles in our Ask Addy Knowledge-base.
  • Rewards that can be redeemed on anything needed for your business.

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